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Why Are Invicta Watches Always on Sale?

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Jacky Chou

Why Are Invicta Watches Always on Sale

Invicta watches are almost always sold at a price lesser than the MSRP, and that makes you wonder if these watches are never on sale - or if that is just another marketing gimmick from the manufacturer.

Customers and critics have always complained about the prices these watches go for and whether they are worth the hefty price tag that they are discounted from.

This piece discusses three main reasons why Invicta watches are always discounted.

3 Reasons Why Invicta Watches Are Always on Sale

Here are three reasons why Invicta watches are always on sale.

Production is cheap 

The Invicta watch brand outsources its production to Chinese facilities to take advantage of cheaper raw materials and lesser labor costs. 

These watches also use either Japanese or Swiss movements. Since Invicta does not make any movements, production is cheaper and can decrease overall costs.

Artificial MSRP Inflation

Invicta inflates the MSRP, and on getting to any retail outlet, the watch sells way less than it was advertised. 

Sometimes, some buyers get offered the “buy two get four (4) free option,” among other mouth-watering deals. This is a sale scheme because the other two watches get sold at an outrageous price that can cover the others you thought were free.

Increased sales

The main reason for any discount is to increase sales and boost awareness around a product. Invicta knows that not everyone accepts their brand. Invicta goes for a lesser price to lessen that hate, allowing even their critics to get a watch, use it, and see a good side to their watches. 

This way, they can also target “Ignorant watch collectors” since they think it’s better to buy two Invicta and get three or more for free than to spend that money on one Rolex or any other make.

Do Invicta watches hold value?

Buy Invicta Speedway

Invicta Men's 9211 "Speedway Collection" Stainless Steel Watch
  • Stainless steel case 39.5mm diameter x 14mm thick; White dial;...
  • Japanese quartz movement, VD53B-14 Caliber; Assembled in Japan;...
  • Stainless steel band, 205mm L x 20mm W; Band is adjustable by...
  • Mineral crystal;Screw-down crown; Stationary stainless steel...

I feel the Invicta watches do hold value. To someone using a more expensive type of watch, this might sound wrong, but the prices these watches go for are worth the value. Invicta makes watches with great designs and top-tier parts, compensating for the pricing.

Take the Invicta Speedway, which was made in homage to Rolex Daytona. The Speedway sells for a lesser price, looks almost like the Daytona, and you get to save over $29,000 and more since the Speedway is cheaper. 

The fact that these watches are cheap and Invicta outsources their parts from other countries leads many critics to infer that they aren’t worth anything. This is not the truth, as even if these watches are not on the level of premium watch brands, they are doing quite well in their market range.

Are Invicta watches real gold?

Buy Invicta Pro Diver Chronograph

Invicta Men's 6977 Pro Diver Collection Stainless Steel Watch, Blue Dial Black Polyurethane Watch
  • Stainless steel case 48mm diameter x 16.8mm thick; Black dial;...
  • Japanese quartz movement, VD53 Caliber; Assembled in Japan;...
  • Stainless steel and black silicone band, 220mm L x 26mm W; Buckle...
  • Flame Fusion crystal; Push/pull crown; Uni-directional stainless...
  • Function meets fashion in this Invicta watch, which features...

A watch can’t be real gold and go for the prices Invicta sells theirs for. Gold watches require premium material and quality craftsmanship to work with brittle metal, all of which drive up the cost of the final piece. 

On the other hand, not being real gold doesn’t mean they don’t have gold-plated pieces. The Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Chronograph is a good example, shipping with an 18 karat gold plating that covers its stainless steel casing.

What movement does Invicta use?

Invicta makes use of different movements based on the type of watch. Their mechanical movements are:

  • Standard Seiko/ TM.
  • Miyota 8215 and STBL-005JS - This movement is used for their less expensive pieces.
  • Ronda, ETA, and Sellita can be found in higher-priced options.

Some Invicta watches are designed with the Dubois Depraz mechanical movement, and you can find the Valjoux in a few more products from the company. Lately, like most watchmakers, Invicta also uses a quartz movement, opting for both the Japanese or Swiss quartz movements.

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