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Is A Wristwatch A Piece of Jewelry or Merely an Accessory?

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Is A Wristwatch A Piece of Jewelry or Merely an Accessory

There are many reasons why you wear a wristwatch, the chief of which is telling the time.

However, that is not all that there is to these timepieces today. After all, you can always tell the time on your phone.

That, and some wristwatches carry such hefty price tags that you wonder if they merely tell the time or will give you wings too.

In this guide, we explore whether these wristwatches are merely a time-telling accessory or a piece of jewelry too.

What Is Considered Jewelry?

Usually, a piece of jewelry is an attractive material worn to beautify the wearer and complete an outfit. Thus, the first consideration for any jewelry is its aesthetic appeal.

A piece of jewelry is usually made from premium metals like platinum, diamond, gold, bronze. They can also include premium stones like diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. Fine examples of this jewelry include necklaces, rings, anklets, and earrings.

The quality and purity of the metal/ stones used, as well as the sophistication of the production process, determine the cost of the jewelry. The materials and production process also affect the lifetime of the jewelry.

Jewelry made from aluminum, brass, and copper is popularly referred to as fashion jewelry while those made from precious metals are fine jewelry. Of course, fine jewelry costs a fortune when compared to the prices of fashion jewelry.

Is A Wristwatch an Accessory?

An accessory has a primary function which it can expand into different secondary functions with additional features. That is exactly what a wristwatch is – a timepiece that can also be a reminder, an alarm clock, and a phone on your wrist (as with smartwatches)

On the other hand, a timepiece’s manufacturer’s choice of production material determines if it’s a piece of jewelry or not.

The primary function of a wristwatch is to tell you the time. However, technology and development have equipped watches with more functions.

According to a survey from Daily Mail, 1 out of every 4 people does not use the wristwatch to tell the time. For some people, it’s only an item to complete their daily outfit.

For the wealthy folks, wristwatches are primarily a way to declare their financial status silently. That’s the reason why most wealthy people prefer to buy mechanical watches.

These watches have been carefully created (usually by hand), have intricate movements, beautiful designs, and are accompanied by their high price tags.

Is A Smartwatch A Piece of Jewelry?

According to Insurance experts from Canada, a piece of jewelry has a single function – to beautify and adorn the user. A smartwatch has numerous functions, but beautification isn’t one of them.

Thus, you can’t consider a smartwatch a piece of jewelry in most cases.

That said, there are special cases where celebrities, public figures, and other high net-worth individuals could customize their smartwatches to feature precious metals and materials. In such cases, the smartwatch stops being just an advanced timepiece and becomes a piece of jewelry too.

Are Watches Jewelry for Men?

Not many men wear jewelry. At best, a man will wear one bracelet and a necklace whereas the ladies have extensive jewelry options to choose from – spanning necklaces and earrings to anklets and bracelets.

For this reason, many men consider wristwatches to be a part of their jewelry set. That’s why men buy beautiful yet functional timepieces to improve their wardrobe’s style and appeal.

Luckily, there are thousands of wristwatch brands globally, and as such, there’s a lot of options to get good wristwatch jewelry for men. Depending on the choice, color, and design, you can choose different wristwatches and add them to your jewelry set.

Are Apple watches considered jewelry?

Quality jewelry comes with high price tags because of the precious metals and complicated manufacturing processes. Thus, several people usually assume that once an item has a high price, it’s a piece of jewelry.

This is the reason why some watch lovers will consider an Apple watch as jewelry. I wouldn’t subscribe to that school of thought.

Of course, Apple is a brand that depicts luxury in all of the items they produce. From their iPhone to the Macbooks, the brand has excellent products with lovely design elements and aesthetics.

The watches aren’t left out of the equation as they are beautifully designed and have a relatively high price tag. Regardless, most Apple Watches aren’t primarily made from metals; talk less of a precious metal.

Considering that, they might be regarded as luxury items, but they are surely not pieces of jewelry. Unless you make a special order and get one decked out in gold, diamond, or other precious material/ stones for you.

What Does Wearing A Watch Say About You?

Wristwatches have gone beyond telling the time. These days, your wristwatch is a silent way to send a message about your personality. Here are some of the exciting things your wristwatch reveals about you:

Your Style

If you have an eye for attractive items, one of the first items you will identify with is your wristwatch. Whether you want a gold or silver wristwatch, or if you prefer leather/ stainless steel band timepieces, anyone can quickly know how stylish you are from your wristwatch.

Your Status

Wristwatches come at different prices with their respective features and functions. While the costs of these watches aren’t plastered on them everywhere you go, you can tell an expensive wristwatch from the design.


Some wristwatch brands have existed for hundreds of years and so have some wristwatches. Several of these older wristwatches have also been passed from one generation to the other.

Buying these vintage wristwatches or keeping and using them in tip-top condition when they get passed down to you shows how much of a culturally fit and sensitive person you are.

Final Words

Wristwatches emerged as fashion timepieces for women and existed as a form of jewelry. Once men started wearing wristwatches, they became more functional and watchmakers aligned accordingly.

Thus, the majority of wristwatches are designed to function as a time-telling accessory while a smaller selection can now be taken as luxury jewelry timepieces.

No rule dictates what your watch should be. Whether you want something of luxury or a simple accessory to tell the time and accessorize your outfit, you are right at home with wristwatches.

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